National Dobro Aloha

Bill bringing the song out of the National Dobro

Our Vintage Featured Item is highlighting one of favorites! A 1931 National Dobro! This Island Swinging Acoustic Musical Wonder is on SoundCheck Music’s list of favorites! The treasure is a Chrome Body that is Acid Etched with a beautiful scene of the Islands… Get your crowd movin with the classic sound of this beautiful guitar!


Bill showed off it’s beautiful sound in the shop today! Wish you could have heard it! WO! It took me straight to the beach! You can listen to the unique sound of a National Dobro being played by the Pros Here!


This particular piece earned it’s name from it’s unique island tones and the beautiful

Acid Etched scenic visuals on it’s body.

Vintage Acid Etched Island Scene

Vintage Acid Etched Island Scene

Acid Etched Art

Ours in Chrome but here is a Fantastic Pic of the Acid Etched Art







Vintage Guitar

Vintage Guitar Headstock

Vintage Guitar National Dobro

Acid Etched Vintage National Aloha Dobro


Come in and check it out! Or Call Bill at 530-272-7236 in Grass Valley at SoundCheck Music Center!


This precious relic is available for $3499.00


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