ECC Tube

Tubes in Amplifiers

Want to know the best way to own a Tube Amp? Continue it’s maintenance! There is nothing worse than getting on stage, setting up only to turn around, turn on your amp and get no sound! Be sure you are always ready to rock out by taking especially good care of the tubes in your amp.

Tube Amplifiers offer a warm analog sound to your guitar tones. The tubes inside an amp need to be checked consistently. These types of amps can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If your thrashing and moving your gear around on a regular basis, it’s best use an amp that does not use tubes. There are many different signals an amp will give you to tell you it’s tubes are about to break… You may hear a crackling sound or snapping. Your guitar will lose tone or have a loss of power. Tubes are cyclical, sometimes they will die out slowly and sometimes they just die out.

Don’t get caught with no sound! Bring your Amp into SoundCheck Music Center to get an evaluation and an Amp Check-Up. It may be the best few bucks you ever spend in keeping your high dollar amp sounding clean, smooth and healthy.


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