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Elvis Presley, The King of Rock n Roll spent the year of 1956 succeeding. On January 28th, 1956 Elvis made his very first Network Television Appearance on the Stage Show which was hosted by Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey the jazz bandleaders. Through this momentous year Elvis Presley made famous appearances on the Milton Berle Show, The Steve Allen Show and The Ed Sullivan Show.

See his Performance on the Milton Berle Show on April 3rd in 1956.
Elvis Performs

Elvis Presley, The King of Rock n Roll

White Telecaster

Mike Lull Custom Guitar White Telecaster

Located in Bellevue, Washington, Mike Lull Custom Guitars is a creation of Mike Lulls dreams into realities. From opening their doors in 1975, Mike Lull Custom Guitars has been manufacturing world-class bass guitars and electric guitars from our shop in Bellevue, Washington – just across the lake from Seattle. They offer repair services from their shop as well.

Luckily, SoundCheck

Music Center has one of these prized guitars for sale right now. The electric Mike Lull Custom Telecaster in superb shape and offers a classic sound. You can identify this beauty in this video by On the Bus Productions on YouTube HERE.

Telecaster Custom Guitar

Custom Telecaster by Mike Lull

This item is currently being featured by SoundCheck Music Center in Grass Valley, CA 95602. Call Bill for more information at 520-272-7236.
The Purchase includes a Gig Bag for the Telecaster and it’s price is $1999.99.


Tube Amp 1964

Vintage Items Last Forever

Want a smooth warm big sound? Look no further! This 1964 Fender Showman Amp spits at 85 Watts and sports an F Cab with 1-15″ 2BLD130 Speaker.





Dick Dale Sported No Other Than Fender

Fender User Dick Dale

Dick Dale playing Strat



Take her home today cause she won’t last long. Call and Talk with Bill or Mike at SoundCheck Music

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Mick Jagger The Rolling Stones

Jagger Live in Italy

1967 : Mick Jagger does as he’s told and sings Let’s Spend The Night Together as “Let’s Spend Some Time Together” when The Rolling Stones appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. Jagger rolls his eyes derisively when he sings the altered line.

Just Amazing! The Rolling Stones very own Mick Jagger ceases to amaze us and had events happen all over the world… But in 1967, on this day, he made his political statement while instructed to change the lyrics to his song. Check out the Performance here… Classic!


This weeks Featured Item sports a Bogner Amp which features a Custom Cab, 2-Vintage 30, 2-GT12H Speakers with a 3-Channel Foot Switch, EL43 Power Tubes and a Hot Rod Price of only $3800. SoundCheck Music is the only store you’ll find Bogner for Miles! Pick it up Now!

Many Famous Players Use Bogner Amplification

Bogner Amplification

Bogner 3-channel Footswitch

A unique feature to this particular Bogner is that has 3 Separate Channels, Green for Clean, Blue for Rhythm and Red for Lead. The Ecstasy Head allows you to also switch between 30-60-120 Watts for ultimate sound control. Whether your working a small stage or a gigantic one… you will always fit your sound perfectly.


Enjoy the triumph! Bogner Amplification. SoundCheck Music has your gear at a great price too! For just $3800, you could be rocking this sweet baby all night long! See the Video HERE!

Bogner Amplification

Bogner Head and Custom Cab

Featured Band The Devils Train

The Devils Train – SoundCheck’s Featured Band

SoundCheck Music Presents the Featured Band of the Week! We are proud to announce “The Devils Train” was our choice! They have an exceptional original sound and express the importance of being in touch with one’s dark side in order to reach full honesty.

Their Bio:
The Devils Train was formed in late 2009 in Grass Valley, Ca by Akasha “Hepcat” Scribner (vocals) Jamo Simmons (drums), and Alex “Bone Daddy” Scribner (bass) with the aspiration of not being stuck in a single genre.  Throughout the years there have been a number of guitarists, but now consist of John Kinsman and Edwin Drake as well as the addition of Luke Warmardam on trumpet. The songs are an ironic take on commonly macabre subjects, such as death and pain, which are brought to light in a number of ways and backed by hard hitting music which is not to be dropped into a “pigeon-hold” of styles. The Devils Train has stuck to the idea of playing “whatever we want”, from jazz, punk, rock, metal, rockabilly, hardcore, psychobilly, oi, ska, folk, reggae, abstract or anything that comes way.
The premise of the band is to take the evil or dark parts of oneself and accept it into life, with the belief that to be completely honest with yourself, you must live with your demons without shame.
The Devils Train excels in live performances. With hundreds of shows under there belt, the band uses a medley of exciting dancing, enthusiastic guitar, and “bass acrobatics” which are sure to impress.
The Devils Train has been fortunate to play with many amazing bands such as Fishbone, Koffin Kats, FUX, The Secretions, Dirty Filthy Mugs, Black Rose Phantoms, Los Pistoleros, The Infamous Swanks, Avenue Saints and many more. For booking information call or text 530-798-9700.

“With the human sized upright bass and the 1950s retro wear and punked-out tattoos there’s only one word that can properly describe Grass Valley band The Devils Train: psychobilly! Yet beneath the surface  is a more eccentric band. It tosses in styles like punk, jazz, metal, ska, hardcore and pretty much any kind of music it feels like playing- and it dose it with a heavy dose of sleaze, camp and style. The lyrics (and for that matter, the band name) are deliberately macabre, but also tounge-in-cheek. It’s the kind of band that’s fun to watch, and the members are not really Satan-worshiping train conductors- I think.” 2030 P Street,, Aaron Carnes, SN&R

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Guitar Strings in a Music Shop

Guitar Strings at SoundCheck


Did you know a new set of strings can liven up the sound of any guitar? That’s right! The sound can be dulled by dirty or fraying strings! Keeping your fingers clean when you play your guitar is very important! It is just plain destructive to play your guitar with dirty hands. The oil will eat through the strings quickly and make it difficult for them to vibrate properly. Always choose the strings that were meant for your guitar and that are comfortable to play as well! SoundCheck Music Center offers a huge variety and is guaranteed to offer the lowest prices in town! Call Bill!