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Movie Wonder Boys

Wonder Boys makes an impression on the movie industry as well as the music industry

No matter how you look at it, Bob Dylan has won the hearts of America through years of devotion to the music industry and his passions for song. The artist even has made a difference in the movie industry when in 2001, Bob Dylan won the Best Original Song Academy Award for Things Have Changed from the movie Wonder Boys.

“The movie is about an English Professor trying to deal with his wife leaving him, the arrival of his editor who has been waiting for his book for seven years, and the various problems that his friends and associates involve him in.” IMDb


So your a guitar player? Have you got your Survival Kit set up? Everyone, no matter what you do needs a Survival Kit… especially when it comes to musicians! Knowing what you need ahead of time just may save your poor working musicians butt one day at a gig! It’s important to keep a few small items always with you in your case or a bag when being a traveling musician.

Tuner by SNARK


First off you need a tuner. Yea, yea… we have heard it before… you can tune by ear. Tell that to your fans when your playing a slight flat note off. It’s painful, we’re just sayin’! We recommend a “Snark“. This tuner is the best on the market and comes at a great price. The tuner can be used for guitar or for bass and tunes your guitar using the vibration of the strings instead of sound. So you can tune easily while others are practicing, jamming, or just making noise right next to you!

Singer and Guitar Players Dream

Pic Holder attaches to Mic Stand for singer and guitar players
Pic Holder attaches to Mic Stand for singer and guitar players

The thought of going with out a pics for a plucker may be ok… but most guitarists will find the need to have some kind of pic at some point. So always have a bag with you along with a pic holder. You can also purchase a Mic Stand Pic Holder if you are a singer! It holds the pics in a perfect position for replacing the one you dropped while rocking out and jumping up and down! Never look for your lost pic on a dark stage again!

You should also always have a Capo, a Peg Winder and a spare set of strings… you never know when all that practicing will hurt you and you break a string right in the middle of the solo! Ouch! Don’t let it happen to you!

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The Marketts recorded the Batman Theme

Batman Theme!

Did you know that the Marketts hit top    numbers in the charts with the Batman   Theme in 1966!

The Marketts hit #17 with the “‘Batman’ Theme”. And Neal Hefti hits #35 with the “‘Batman’ Theme”.

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Visit YouTube to hear the Promotional Copy released by Warner Brothers in 1966 HERE!

Batman Theme Release

Warner Brothers 1966 Promotional Copy Release of Batman Theme by the Marketts

Nevada City never fails to amaze us with the talent they bestow on the world! Our New Featured Band “West Coast Juice” brings down the house with an amazing sound of rock and roll! Bluesy and Funky, these boys keep your toes tapping with fabulous beats and rhythmic tones all night long!

Working in the Grass Valley – Nevada City region and all over Placer County and Nevada County our

West Coast Juice Band

Funky Blues Music

Gold Country reverberates with sounds of WEST COAST JUICE! This intoxicating blend of rock, blues, funk (and even a little pinch of modern country) makes a juice that’s winning fans and getting audiences up on the dance floor wherever they play.

Check them out on Facebook, their Website and even YouTube for more information! and Don’t miss their next show at the Stonehouse Old Brewery in Nevada City!

Ozzy Osbourne's Life on Film

Meet the Osbournes

Did you know?! MTV launched its reality television show “The Osbournes” today in 2002! This classic show filmed the domestic existence of the famous heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne along with his family. In its first season, it became the most-viewed series to date on MTV.

The show showed the true sides of Mrs. Osbourne, his daughter and his son as well. Their personal lives and careers became America’s sensation with all its drama and happenings to boot! The show emphasized their explicit behaviors, raw personalities and extreme life events such as Sharon Osbourne’s battle of cancer and the recovery of Ozzy’s ATV accident that almost took his life.

The series lasted for over 3 years airing its last show on March 21st in 2005. It became America’s Top Viewed Series on the MTV Network.

To watch some unseen bloopers of this unprecedented series… Click Here!