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SoundCheck Music Center partnered with On the Bus Productions to Sponsor the “GiveTeensMusic” Community Drive. The drive is asking for Donations of Instruments for the Music Department at Park Avenue High School in Grass Valley. Greg Zaller and recently awarded, “Principal of the Year”, Marty Mathiesen are determined to get the Music Department up and playing by end of year. This Project needs your support! Visit the website page for FAQ’s and How you can support your community today!

Park Avenue Alternative Education is a Second Chance High School continuation program. The mission of the school is to recognize theĀ individualĀ talents and abilities of our students, promote academic and social competency, and develop productive citizens. In addition to an emphasis on core curricular subjects, They offer a wide variety of elective and vocational classes. Students may enroll in ROP, as well as, earn elective credit if they are employed. Click on our Logo Above to Visit our Website.

Youth Music Program Drive

Give Teens Music is a Community Drive to Bring Instruments to a Youth Music Program


Have you taken a good hard look at your Acoustic Guitar lately? Notice anything? Well… a guitar needs moisture to keep it sounding its best! A dry guitar would show signs of shrinking, widening or splitting joints, and maybe even, dare we say – cracks in the body of your guitar! Using a Humidifier is a great way to seal your guitar’s wood with moisture, ensuring that cracks and warping doesn’t happen during the dry season.

Acoustic Guitars Need Humidity!

If you are located on the East Coast, then you probably don’t have a problem with your guitar’s wood drying out… but many locations feature a dry climate, even and in some places, especially in the winter season. Taking care of your guitar comes with many responsibilities. Keeping clean and fresh strings, tight keys, a straight neck, updated electronics and healthy wood are all parts of keeping a healthy acoustic guitar.

SoundCheck Music Center offers maintenance and repair for acoustic guitars as well as electric guitars. It’s important to have a Specialized Repair Technician take a look at the condition of your guitar if you are unsure of your guitar’s health. A quick evaluation can tell you if a Humidifier is the right remedy for getting your guitar’s designed tone singing proudly. SoundCheck Music sells a few different types of Guitar Humidifiers. Located in Northern California, we recommend the Music Nomad Humidifier. It is an easy, no mess, simple to use humidifier that sells for a fantastic price of just under $12!

Care for your instruments and they will care for your musical spirit for a lifetime. Call Bill for more ideas on how to do your Equipment Check Up today!

SoundCheck Music Center on Maltman Drive in Grass Valley, CA. 530-272-7236

Custom Les Paul Guitar

1968 Les Paul

SoundCheck Music presents their Featured Item of the week with a 1968 Les Paul straight from the Gibson Custom Shop. This Cherry Burst Electric beauty sports Grover Keys and all reissued hardware including stock pick-ups.

A certain eye catcher for any true musician. Watch the Video~ SoundCheck includes a Hard Shell Case. Price $2499.

Pick her up at SoundCheck Music Center on Maltman Drive in Grass Valley, CA. Ask for Bill! SoundCheck Music Center – Your Friendly Music Connection.

Gibson Custom Shop Guitar

Custom Les Paul Guitar



1968 Les Paul

Gibson Custom Shop Guitar

Did you know that in the year 2000 – The Album appropriately named “1” by the Beatles was the number 1 album in the Music Charts! Years after releasing this album, this collection of their Top #1 Hits made it’s way back into the charts all over the world! you can see more information here.

The Beatles were a rave then and a smash now! Showing that good old rock and roll can inspire any generation if their listening!

The Beatles

Beatles Rock Past and Future Generations upon Generations!

National Dobro Aloha

Bill bringing the song out of the National Dobro

Our Vintage Featured Item is highlighting one of favorites! A 1931 National Dobro! This Island Swinging Acoustic Musical Wonder is on SoundCheck Music’s list of favorites! The treasure is a Chrome Body that is Acid Etched with a beautiful scene of the Islands… Get your crowd movin with the classic sound of this beautiful guitar!


Bill showed off it’s beautiful sound in the shop today! Wish you could have heard it! WO! It took me straight to the beach! You can listen to the unique sound of a National Dobro being played by the Pros Here!


This particular piece earned it’s name from it’s unique island tones and the beautiful

Acid Etched scenic visuals on it’s body.

Vintage Acid Etched Island Scene

Vintage Acid Etched Island Scene

Acid Etched Art

Ours in Chrome but here is a Fantastic Pic of the Acid Etched Art







Vintage Guitar

Vintage Guitar Headstock

Vintage Guitar National Dobro

Acid Etched Vintage National Aloha Dobro


Come in and check it out! Or Call Bill at 530-272-7236 in Grass Valley at SoundCheck Music Center!


This precious relic is available for $3499.00

Local LIve Bands Get Review

Rockin Local Live Music

SoundCheck Music Center features local bands frequently. We enjoy getting the opportunity to share their next gig, their history, social web media and all around band personalities. The bands we cover media for are special to us… usually involving a fellow musician, a frequent buyer or friend relation. The whole point is to stay involved with the community and share what we love best! Music!

The benefits to being a Featured Band at SoundCheck are pretty cool… and as we build our collection, we may be adding even more bene’s as we go! Our Featured Bands get the opportunity to post their Flyers and Information at the Store on our Community Board. They also get a full interview by On the Bus Productions and are featured in our Blog, our YouTube Channel (if they have video) and our Facebook Page. We will consistently share their events for better local exposure and if the band has CD‘s they are welcomed to sell copies at SoundCheck Music Center as well. Now that’s great free promotion!

Meet our Last Featured Band!

Bands in Nevada County

Nevada County Live Music

When SoundCheck features a band we offer some great PR! The band is featured on our Social Web Media Sites, Our Blog, and soon we will offer info about them on our website. SoundCheck Music Center is dedicated to being apart of the music in the community. Have a band you would like us to feature? Let us know by emailing We enjoy hearing reviews, fan stories and audio bits! It’s a great place to live, listen and grow in Nevada County now-a-days… The Music Scene is alive and kickin! Come By! Take a look at our Community Announcements! Get the scoop at 671 Maltman Drive, Grass Valley – or give us a call! 530-272-7236

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Learn what it takes to mic vocals just right! What type of mics to use, where to place your EQ, how to use outboard equipment and so much more! Mike Eaton shares with us the technique of micing vocals and the parts of the vocal chain in Part One. Join us in Part Two for more information on micing Guitars!

Tech Talk – The Vocal Chain – Part Two

vocal chain and microphones

Radio used condenser mics to get that bassy sound we all know and love from radio.