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“The Making of an Indie Artist” will be released on Monday April 7th. This special episode of Tech Talk will feature Curtis Hildebrand from Sunny Dragon Records giving us an in depth look into the Indie Industry and how it works in the real world now. The program is Sponsored by SoundCheck Music Center of Grass Valley, Produced by On the Bus Productions and will feature works by Arachni PhotoMedia, Soundz of Norcal, Sunny Dragon Records, Stillwood Sages Band, Tanglewood Studios and much more!

SoundCheck enjoys working with their community. They want to bring you the best gear, deals, lessons, and information about Music and Musicians they possibly can! Don’t miss out on this Exclusive Interview.

Tech Talk a workshop series

Tech Talk is a workshop dedicated to getting the Basics to Musicians Everywhere!









Local LIve Bands Get Review

Rockin Local Live Music

SoundCheck Music Center features local bands frequently. We enjoy getting the opportunity to share their next gig, their history, social web media and all around band personalities. The bands we cover media for are special to us… usually involving a fellow musician, a frequent buyer or friend relation. The whole point is to stay involved with the community and share what we love best! Music!

The benefits to being a Featured Band at SoundCheck are pretty cool… and as we build our collection, we may be adding even more bene’s as we go! Our Featured Bands get the opportunity to post their Flyers and Information at the Store on our Community Board. They also get a full interview by On the Bus Productions and are featured in our Blog, our YouTube Channel (if they have video) and our Facebook Page. We will consistently share their events for better local exposure and if the band has CD‘s they are welcomed to sell copies at SoundCheck Music Center as well. Now that’s great free promotion!

Meet our Last Featured Band!

Bands in Nevada County

Nevada County Live Music

When SoundCheck features a band we offer some great PR! The band is featured on our Social Web Media Sites, Our Blog, and soon we will offer info about them on our website. SoundCheck Music Center is dedicated to being apart of the music in the community. Have a band you would like us to feature? Let us know by emailing We enjoy hearing reviews, fan stories and audio bits! It’s a great place to live, listen and grow in Nevada County now-a-days… The Music Scene is alive and kickin! Come By! Take a look at our Community Announcements! Get the scoop at 671 Maltman Drive, Grass Valley – or give us a call! 530-272-7236

We look forward to hearing from you soon!