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IMAG2015  IMAG2016 So after checking out our store floor at our Downtown Location today, we decided to show off this beautiful 5-String NT Bubinga Warwick. Built in the German State of Bavaria, this gorgeous Natural Oil Finished Warwick would surely give any bassist rewarding stature. The Warwick provides an amazing unique full sound and has graced the stage with many working musicians who would play little else including, Steve Bailey who was voted runner up for “Bass Player Of The Year” in 1994 and 1996. 2012 and 2013; current bassist for Metallica, Robert Agustin Trujillo, Jimmy Earl, an American Jazz Player and Composer, One of the most leading names in Funk, William Earl “Bootsy” Collins, and Aaron (P-Nut) Wills, bass player for band 311.




Warwick 5 String Bubinga $1699.99 Comes with Case!


Warwick basses were originally a premium brand offering a small range of models built from high quality and exotic tonewoods. Our Warwick’s body is made with Bubinga Pommele wood, a Ovangkol with Ekanga veneer stripes Neck and a Fingerboard made of Tigerstripe Ebony. Its electronics bear a pair of Active MEC 3-way J/J pickups. Stretching a full 34 inches, this celebrated bass offers tone, stimulation and satisfaction to anyone who’s looking for no treble. Come on down to the store. Plug it in and feel the sound.




Located at our Downtown Location!

store front ad


Featured Item of the Week! This week we are featuring an Ampeg 1972 Vintage Style B100! In good condition! Only $299! Get it now!

Call Bill at 530-272-7236 or Visit SoundCheck Music Center on Maltman Drive in Grass Valley!

Nevada City never fails to amaze us with the talent they bestow on the world! Our New Featured Band “West Coast Juice” brings down the house with an amazing sound of rock and roll! Bluesy and Funky, these boys keep your toes tapping with fabulous beats and rhythmic tones all night long!

Working in the Grass Valley – Nevada City region and all over Placer County and Nevada County our

West Coast Juice Band

Funky Blues Music

Gold Country reverberates with sounds of WEST COAST JUICE! This intoxicating blend of rock, blues, funk (and even a little pinch of modern country) makes a juice that’s winning fans and getting audiences up on the dance floor wherever they play.

Check them out on Facebook, their Website and even YouTube for more information! and Don’t miss their next show at the Stonehouse Old Brewery in Nevada City!

ECC Tube

Tubes in Amplifiers

Want to know the best way to own a Tube Amp? Continue it’s maintenance! There is nothing worse than getting on stage, setting up only to turn around, turn on your amp and get no sound! Be sure you are always ready to rock out by taking especially good care of the tubes in your amp.

Tube Amplifiers offer a warm analog sound to your guitar tones. The tubes inside an amp need to be checked consistently. These types of amps can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If your thrashing and moving your gear around on a regular basis, it’s best use an amp that does not use tubes. There are many different signals an amp will give you to tell you it’s tubes are about to break… You may hear a crackling sound or snapping. Your guitar will lose tone or have a loss of power. Tubes are cyclical, sometimes they will die out slowly and sometimes they just die out.

Don’t get caught with no sound! Bring your Amp into SoundCheck Music Center to get an evaluation and an Amp Check-Up. It may be the best few bucks you ever spend in keeping your high dollar amp sounding clean, smooth and healthy.

Randall was about to be fired

This was Randall’s Last Day

A young kid walks in the store… he says “You sell PA Systems? My brother is starting a band and I’m gonna be the sound guy”

In this society, you will find there is a home studio in just about every other home on the street. With the ease of Digital Recording Studios, everyone thinks they can be an engineer, sound guy, producer and record label. Unfortunately, so do most other people too. Because folks haven’t taken the time to learn to hear music properly, recorded sounds have lost their integrity and most live sound is simply trash. They aren’t what they used to be… they aren’t anything at all. The time it takes to record music properly doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Folks don’t want to take their time to make sure that the finished works provide a listening experience that is worth while.

The Sound Guy Had a Hearing Problem

When the singer says bring up the monitors and the sound guy looks at them as if they just grew an extra head… Houston, we have a problem. We have some news for you… buying a cheap, run of the mill, PA System, showing up, pluggin in a couple of microphones and running some cables… Does not make you a Sound Guy! It takes years to master the ability to control sound so that it works perfectly for the environment it was intended for.

So, yea…. We sell PA Systems, but your going to wanna pick-up some humble pie and some experience with that purchase.

Learn what it takes to mic vocals just right! What type of mics to use, where to place your EQ, how to use outboard equipment and so much more! Mike Eaton shares with us the technique of micing vocals and the parts of the vocal chain in Part One. Join us in Part Two for more information on micing Guitars!

Tech Talk – The Vocal Chain – Part Two

vocal chain and microphones

Radio used condenser mics to get that bassy sound we all know and love from radio.

Mike Eaton shares at the SoundCheck Music Center at their new workshop, “Tech Talk” about different types of mics, their uses and the best way to mic a drum kit. Part 2 is here! Mike shows us exclusive Eaton Amplification Products and offers some great knowledge about mic technology and specifications! The Workshop Hand Guide can be picked up at SoundCheck Music Center : 671 Maltman Drive; Grass Valley, CA

Watch the Video: Tech Talk Episode Two

Bogos | Sound Amplification and Control

a Sound Isolation Panel used to control the amplification and direction of sound. They can be small just to control a singer Voice or large enough to cover a whole wall. They are typically formed by using Sound Paneling foam with a frame to shape it for it’s purpose.

drum booth-cropped

Gobo’s to isolate a drummers sound from the amplifiers in the room.


a Mic Gobo used to isolate the singer’s voice from carrying past the microphone.