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DeArmond owned by Fender

Fender’s very own American Made DeArmond

Check out the Featured Item on the SoundCheck Center’s Showroom floor this week! It’s a DeArmond Flame Top Guitar! This special guitar

Fender's very own American Made DeArmond

DeArmond Flame Top Guitar

brings true old-fashioned sound with its redesigned pickups by Fender. The Guitar Manufacturing Company was bought by Fender in 1996. Their Research and Development Team worked on recreating the most unique classic sounding pickups they could with classic Guild designs.

The company has gone out of their way to educate the musicians who choose this brand. Check out their sit for pickup diagrams and wiring specs here.

Pick up this beautiful instrument today and listen to it’s amazing sound! The only way you will know is to simply hear it. Great guitar for any musician! Pick it up today at SoundCheck Music Center in Grass Valley on Maltman Drive for only $499.99! includes a Gear Bag.

DeArmond Flame Top Guitar

DeArmond owned by Fender

Tube Amp 1964

Vintage Items Last Forever

Want a smooth warm big sound? Look no further! This 1964 Fender Showman Amp spits at 85 Watts and sports an F Cab with 1-15″ 2BLD130 Speaker.





Dick Dale Sported No Other Than Fender

Fender User Dick Dale

Dick Dale playing Strat



Take her home today cause she won’t last long. Call and Talk with Bill or Mike at SoundCheck Music

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