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“The Making of an Indie Artist” will be released on Monday April 7th. This special episode of Tech Talk will feature Curtis Hildebrand from Sunny Dragon Records giving us an in depth look into the Indie Industry and how it works in the real world now. The program is Sponsored by SoundCheck Music Center of Grass Valley, Produced by On the Bus Productions and will feature works by Arachni PhotoMedia, Soundz of Norcal, Sunny Dragon Records, Stillwood Sages Band, Tanglewood Studios and much more!

SoundCheck enjoys working with their community. They want to bring you the best gear, deals, lessons, and information about Music and Musicians they possibly can! Don’t miss out on this Exclusive Interview.

Tech Talk a workshop series

Tech Talk is a workshop dedicated to getting the Basics to Musicians Everywhere!









DeArmond owned by Fender

Fender’s very own American Made DeArmond

Check out the Featured Item on the SoundCheck Center’s Showroom floor this week! It’s a DeArmond Flame Top Guitar! This special guitar

Fender's very own American Made DeArmond

DeArmond Flame Top Guitar

brings true old-fashioned sound with its redesigned pickups by Fender. The Guitar Manufacturing Company was bought by Fender in 1996. Their Research and Development Team worked on recreating the most unique classic sounding pickups they could with classic Guild designs.

The company has gone out of their way to educate the musicians who choose this brand. Check out their sit for pickup diagrams and wiring specs here.

Pick up this beautiful instrument today and listen to it’s amazing sound! The only way you will know is to simply hear it. Great guitar for any musician! Pick it up today at SoundCheck Music Center in Grass Valley on Maltman Drive for only $499.99! includes a Gear Bag.

DeArmond Flame Top Guitar

DeArmond owned by Fender

Pete Townsend

Pete Townsend, A Marshall Amp User

An Amp that raises the bar for every Electric Guitar player in the world. Founded by the drum shop owner and famous drummer

Jim Marshall. It provides the most recognized and sought after sounds. The amp is famous for it’s specific sound, (the Marshall “crunch”) Renown guitar players such as Ritchie Blackmore, Big Jim Sullivan, and Pete Townshend were often asking Jim to build them personalized Marshall Amps with specific sounds.

This beautiful Vintage 1976 Marshall Half Stack, 100W Mk2 is in great condition! With a phenominal price of $1199.99 it will make a Perfect Gift for any working musician who wants it all.

Vintage Gear

1976 Vintage Marshall Half Stack