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SoundCheck Music Center partnered with On the Bus Productions to Sponsor the “GiveTeensMusic” Community Drive. The drive is asking for Donations of Instruments for the Music Department at Park Avenue High School in Grass Valley. Greg Zaller and recently awarded, “Principal of the Year”, Marty Mathiesen are determined to get the Music Department up and playing by end of year. This Project needs your support! Visit the website page for FAQ’s and How you can support your community today!

Park Avenue Alternative Education is a Second Chance High School continuation program. The mission of the school is to recognize theĀ individualĀ talents and abilities of our students, promote academic and social competency, and develop productive citizens. In addition to an emphasis on core curricular subjects, They offer a wide variety of elective and vocational classes. Students may enroll in ROP, as well as, earn elective credit if they are employed. Click on our Logo Above to Visit our Website.

Youth Music Program Drive

Give Teens Music is a Community Drive to Bring Instruments to a Youth Music Program


“The Making of an Indie Artist” will be released on Monday April 7th. This special episode of Tech Talk will feature Curtis Hildebrand from Sunny Dragon Records giving us an in depth look into the Indie Industry and how it works in the real world now. The program is Sponsored by SoundCheck Music Center of Grass Valley, Produced by On the Bus Productions and will feature works by Arachni PhotoMedia, Soundz of Norcal, Sunny Dragon Records, Stillwood Sages Band, Tanglewood Studios and much more!

SoundCheck enjoys working with their community. They want to bring you the best gear, deals, lessons, and information about Music and Musicians they possibly can! Don’t miss out on this Exclusive Interview.

Tech Talk a workshop series

Tech Talk is a workshop dedicated to getting the Basics to Musicians Everywhere!









Starting May of 2014 SoundCheck Music will be Hosting a Free Guitar Give Away Contest!! Now is the time to Join our Text Club!

Simply Text CHECK to 25827 to Join our Text Club and Get Notifications on Contests, Promotions & More!

The Prize will be a New Fender Squier Jazzmaster – 3 Tone Sunburst – With Free Gig Bag!

Fender Jazzmaster

3 Tone Sunburst Fender Squier Jazzmaster







This is No Joke! We will be sending you a reminder with the Secret Word to Text in order to Enter the Contest on May 1st, 2014! Watch your phone for your prompts! We wish you the Best of Luck!


So your a guitar player? Have you got your Survival Kit set up? Everyone, no matter what you do needs a Survival Kit… especially when it comes to musicians! Knowing what you need ahead of time just may save your poor working musicians butt one day at a gig! It’s important to keep a few small items always with you in your case or a bag when being a traveling musician.

Tuner by SNARK


First off you need a tuner. Yea, yea… we have heard it before… you can tune by ear. Tell that to your fans when your playing a slight flat note off. It’s painful, we’re just sayin’! We recommend a “Snark“. This tuner is the best on the market and comes at a great price. The tuner can be used for guitar or for bass and tunes your guitar using the vibration of the strings instead of sound. So you can tune easily while others are practicing, jamming, or just making noise right next to you!

Singer and Guitar Players Dream

Pic Holder attaches to Mic Stand for singer and guitar players
Pic Holder attaches to Mic Stand for singer and guitar players

The thought of going with out a pics for a plucker may be ok… but most guitarists will find the need to have some kind of pic at some point. So always have a bag with you along with a pic holder. You can also purchase a Mic Stand Pic Holder if you are a singer! It holds the pics in a perfect position for replacing the one you dropped while rocking out and jumping up and down! Never look for your lost pic on a dark stage again!

You should also always have a Capo, a Peg Winder and a spare set of strings… you never know when all that practicing will hurt you and you break a string right in the middle of the solo! Ouch! Don’t let it happen to you!

Come in to SoundCheck Music Center in Grass Valley! Talk to Bill, get your Guitarists Survival Kit today!

Guitar Strings in a Music Shop

Guitar Strings at SoundCheck


Did you know a new set of strings can liven up the sound of any guitar? That’s right! The sound can be dulled by dirty or fraying strings! Keeping your fingers clean when you play your guitar is very important! It is just plain destructive to play your guitar with dirty hands. The oil will eat through the strings quickly and make it difficult for them to vibrate properly. Always choose the strings that were meant for your guitar and that are comfortable to play as well! SoundCheck Music Center offers a huge variety and is guaranteed to offer the lowest prices in town! Call Bill!

ECC Tube

Tubes in Amplifiers

Want to know the best way to own a Tube Amp? Continue it’s maintenance! There is nothing worse than getting on stage, setting up only to turn around, turn on your amp and get no sound! Be sure you are always ready to rock out by taking especially good care of the tubes in your amp.

Tube Amplifiers offer a warm analog sound to your guitar tones. The tubes inside an amp need to be checked consistently. These types of amps can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If your thrashing and moving your gear around on a regular basis, it’s best use an amp that does not use tubes. There are many different signals an amp will give you to tell you it’s tubes are about to break… You may hear a crackling sound or snapping. Your guitar will lose tone or have a loss of power. Tubes are cyclical, sometimes they will die out slowly and sometimes they just die out.

Don’t get caught with no sound! Bring your Amp into SoundCheck Music Center to get an evaluation and an Amp Check-Up. It may be the best few bucks you ever spend in keeping your high dollar amp sounding clean, smooth and healthy.

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