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Have you taken a good hard look at your Acoustic Guitar lately? Notice anything? Well… a guitar needs moisture to keep it sounding its best! A dry guitar would show signs of shrinking, widening or splitting joints, and maybe even, dare we say – cracks in the body of your guitar! Using a Humidifier is a great way to seal your guitar’s wood with moisture, ensuring that cracks and warping doesn’t happen during the dry season.

Acoustic Guitars Need Humidity!

If you are located on the East Coast, then you probably don’t have a problem with your guitar’s wood drying out… but many locations feature a dry climate, even and in some places, especially in the winter season. Taking care of your guitar comes with many responsibilities. Keeping clean and fresh strings, tight keys, a straight neck, updated electronics and healthy wood are all parts of keeping a healthy acoustic guitar.

SoundCheck Music Center offers maintenance and repair for acoustic guitars as well as electric guitars. It’s important to have a Specialized Repair Technician take a look at the condition of your guitar if you are unsure of your guitar’s health. A quick evaluation can tell you if a Humidifier is the right remedy for getting your guitar’s designed tone singing proudly. SoundCheck Music sells a few different types of Guitar Humidifiers. Located in Northern California, we recommend the Music Nomad Humidifier. It is an easy, no mess, simple to use humidifier that sells for a fantastic price of just under $12!

Care for your instruments and they will care for your musical spirit for a lifetime. Call Bill for more ideas on how to do your Equipment Check Up today!

SoundCheck Music Center on Maltman Drive in Grass Valley, CA. 530-272-7236

Custom Les Paul Guitar

1968 Les Paul

SoundCheck Music presents their Featured Item of the week with a 1968 Les Paul straight from the Gibson Custom Shop. This Cherry Burst Electric beauty sports Grover Keys and all reissued hardware including stock pick-ups.

A certain eye catcher for any true musician. Watch the Video~ SoundCheck includes a Hard Shell Case. Price $2499.

Pick her up at SoundCheck Music Center on Maltman Drive in Grass Valley, CA. Ask for Bill! SoundCheck Music Center – Your Friendly Music Connection.

Gibson Custom Shop Guitar

Custom Les Paul Guitar



1968 Les Paul

Gibson Custom Shop Guitar

Earles of Newtown in True Style caught by Douglas Cooper

Showing true cat style… Picture taken by Douglas Cooper

Bringing you the ultimate sounds in Jazz, Dixieland,  Swing Music is Nevada City‘s #1 Ranking on Reverbnation! This local eight piece band brings it all to Nevada County which brings Grass Valley and Nevada City dancers out to tap their toes!

“Musical director J. Earle Ford leads the band with a deceptively laid-back, jazzy vocal style and a hot trumpet. Just to keep things interesting, he also mixes it up with an alto horn, trombone and the occasional kazoo.
Front man Chad Conner Crow shares vocals with Ford. He keeps the energy up on washboard and showmanship reminiscent of musical legends like Cab Calloway. Jim Trefethen jazzes it up with flashy solos on soprano and alto saxophone. Bob Woods brings it on with a blazing country rock guitar.
The backup/rhythm section provides a wall of sound with Joe Fajen on trombone, “Texas” Dave Wilcox on tenor banjo and guitar, Doug Bianchi on stand-up bass, and Karl Chelette on drums.” – from their Bio on Reverbnation 
Earles of Newtown captured in the street by Justin Nunnink

Justin Nunnink shows the Earles of Newtown true style


“Like practically every band on the planet, the Earles of Newtown has its share of turnovers. Nevertheless, a core of players has emerged that epitomizes the gotta-dance sound of the Earles.” – Tom Durkin is a freelance writer and photographer in Nevada City.  See his most recent article on the Earles in the Union Newspaper here.

Don’t be caught missing their next performance! Visit SoundCheck Music Center in Grass Valley on Maltman Drive to see when their next showing is! Or Visit Earles of Newtown on Facebook!

Bob Seger a legend

Bob Seger in his Day

It was December 11, 1976. Bob Seger Released “Night Moves” and the world listened in as this inspirational and legendary rock star made his national breakout. Bob Seger lead the movement with band “The Silver Bullet Band” which was formed in 1973. The band was attended by Drew Abbott, drummer and backup-singer Charlie Allen Martin, keyboard-player Rick Mannassa, bass guitarist Chris Campbell, and saxophone player Alto Reed (then known as Tom Cartmell). Seger enjoyed a long peak in his success from 1976 to 1987. As a Inducted Artist for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this artist will live in our hearts and influence our music for decades to come.

Bob Seger 1976 Hit Song Night Moves




ECC Tube

Tubes in Amplifiers

Want to know the best way to own a Tube Amp? Continue it’s maintenance! There is nothing worse than getting on stage, setting up only to turn around, turn on your amp and get no sound! Be sure you are always ready to rock out by taking especially good care of the tubes in your amp.

Tube Amplifiers offer a warm analog sound to your guitar tones. The tubes inside an amp need to be checked consistently. These types of amps can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If your thrashing and moving your gear around on a regular basis, it’s best use an amp that does not use tubes. There are many different signals an amp will give you to tell you it’s tubes are about to break… You may hear a crackling sound or snapping. Your guitar will lose tone or have a loss of power. Tubes are cyclical, sometimes they will die out slowly and sometimes they just die out.

Don’t get caught with no sound! Bring your Amp into SoundCheck Music Center to get an evaluation and an Amp Check-Up. It may be the best few bucks you ever spend in keeping your high dollar amp sounding clean, smooth and healthy.

Pete Townsend

Pete Townsend, A Marshall Amp User

An Amp that raises the bar for every Electric Guitar player in the world. Founded by the drum shop owner and famous drummer

Jim Marshall. It provides the most recognized and sought after sounds. The amp is famous for it’s specific sound, (the Marshall “crunch”) Renown guitar players such as Ritchie Blackmore, Big Jim Sullivan, and Pete Townshend were often asking Jim to build them personalized Marshall Amps with specific sounds.

This beautiful Vintage 1976 Marshall Half Stack, 100W Mk2 is in great condition! With a phenominal price of $1199.99 it will make a Perfect Gift for any working musician who wants it all.

Vintage Gear

1976 Vintage Marshall Half Stack

SoundCheck Music Center wants to thank our community for supporting us this year! We have some great deals lined up to warm your Holidays this Season and get your New Year Started out right! Musicians Gather! Bring those New Year resolutions to life! It’s never to late to start!

New Year Promo

SoundCheck Music Center

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